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Meet the Team

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Engela Neuhoff

Founder | Company Director | 
Pedagogical Leadership & Curriculum Development

Engela holds a Diploma in Education and has entered the Child Care Industry in 1979, her executive role oversees curriculum development, educator support and pedagogical leadership.


Engela has worked in various senior positions within the early education sectors and has been successfully managing her own Centre in South Africa (‘Little Achievers’) for the past 25 years.


Through extensive working experience, she has demonstrated patience and understanding when dealing with children of different cultural backgrounds and special needs. Bringing together her personal values and over 35 years’ experience in the early childhood sector, Engela has established herself as an invaluable asset to the Mini Bambini Management team.

"After almost a lifetime of teaching and raising 4 noisy, energetic sons, I have realised how much we could learn from our children. I am committed to encouraging opportunities to allow children’s contributions and for them to communicate their interests.

They will need these skills one day at work, in friendships and relationships."

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Dorette Neuhoff

Founder | Company Director | 
Quality & Compliance

Dorette is a qualified family lawyer and a proud mother of two beautiful young children.


Her executive portfolio with Mini Bambini includes quality assurance and compliance.


Dorette’s professional interests lie in the well-being of children, building family relationships, communications and connections.

Engela Neuhoff

"11 Years after commencing my legal career, I still have the same desire and ambition for gaining trust, supporting family transitions and making clients and children feel confident.

Having had two young children of my own passing through childcare, I appreciate the significant impact early learning educators have on young learners and the value they add by establishing a personal connection with every individual child. I am passionate and excited about Mini Bambini’s commitments and what it has on offer for the children and families of Sinagra and surrounds."

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Founder | Company Director | 
Financial Management & Maintenance

Izak Neuhoff

Izak graduated as a Mining Engineer in 2009. After spending 5 years in the mining sector he started a Perth building and construction company.


Izak is a strategic thinker, dedicated to innovation and continuous improvement. He is responsible for Financial Management and Maintenance of Mini Bambini facilities.

"Education is one of the values that my parents instilled in me since I was a child. I have always had a willingness to learn new things. 

I have seen the Mini Bambini project develop from a few good ideas to the premium facility it represents today. Many hours have been spent to ensure our design offers families and children a safe, stimulating and inspiring environment. The vision we shared was one that sees integrated individualised learning, diversity and passion, we shape our early learners of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. With no intention of slowing down, I look forward to seeing Mini Bambini providing excellence in early childhood education and care, producing many happy faces for many more years to come."

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Founder | Company Director | 
Quality & Compliance

Nikki started her career in Teaching in 2010. She has since acquired both a masters of Teaching (Primary School) and Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Nikki has extensive experience in the childcare industry and is passionate about working with young children.

Engela Neuhoff

"I have been working in Early Childhood Education for eight years, throughout my career I have been extremely fortunate to work in many different roles including Lead educator, Educational Leader, Early Childhood Teacher and working my way up to becoming a Centre Director. I have cared for and educated so many wonderful children over the years, making many long-lasting memories and beautiful relationships with each family. My personal philosophy is that children are naturally curious learners and learn best through exploration, discovery and play.

I believe relationships are central to children becoming capable, confident learners and to achieving the best possible outcome for each and every child, it is essential that educators, families and the community, work together to establish a nurturing, safe, and supportive educational environment.
As a mother to two young children, I understand the difficulties of leaving your child in care, and hoping that they will have a positive experience. I would like every child who attends Mini Bambini to feel safe, secure and happy! Every child and parent will be a part of our growing Mini Bambini family, and I am looking forward to taking the time to welcome and get to know each and every one of

Nikki Murray

Mini Bambini Director | Nominated Supervisor
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