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Mini Bambini 


The only school of its kind currently in Western Australia.

Specialised Child Care for Children with Autism Associated Needs

Our Story

 Our Story 

At Mini Bambini Early Intervention Centre we foster a community that embraces transitional opportunities, uniqueness and boundless possibilities.

We understand that this journey is not walked upon alone; this is a path we walk hand in hand with families. As a family-owned service, and being parents ourselves, we deeply understand the significance and importance of having options.

We wholeheartedly believe that parents deserve choices that empower them to make the best decisions for their child's future.

Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and stimulating haven, where every child and family is provided with the opportunity to thrive, not merely survive, in an environment where they are valued, understood, and supported.

We are not your ordinary Child Care Centre; we are pioneers of change, opening doors to a brighter future for children of all abilities.

We stand by our commitment to 'change and choice' in child care. This is what drives us forward, pushes boundaries, and revolutionises the landscape of Early Education and Care.

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 Discover a world of personlised   care and seamless 
transitions at 
Mini Bambini Early Intervention   Centre 

Nestled in the heart of Sinagra, Western Australia, our centre serves as a source of hope for families seeking personalised care and seamless transitions.

We are delighted to offer families a range of early education and care options, hand in hand with our co-located Mini Bambini Early Learning Centre.

Mini Bambini Early Intervention Centre caters to children aged 2 - 5 years of age with Autism associated learning difficulties and developmental challenges.

Our inclusive program is thoughtfully designed to nurture individual growth through a combination of personalised and group therapy, and activities focused on attention span, self-control, language and communication, social skills, play, and school readiness. 

Our ultimate aim is to facilitate rehabilitation, integration into our mainstream centre, and successful transitions to school.
Our centre is staffed by experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care.

We understand the decision to place your child in a special intervention program can be a difficult one.

We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.


1 : 1 therapy with occupational therapists and behavioural experts.

On-site therapy facilities to accommodate busy family schedules

Inclusive and Accessible learning environment.

School readiness and life skills focus. 

Our Learning Program


 We firmly believe in a criss cross-approach that blends the best of therapy and childcare.

Our team of professionals have crafted the Mini Bambini Criss Cross program, a unique and integrated curriculum that operates five days a week in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our Criss Cross Program, inspired by the Group Early Start Denver Model (G-ESDM), offers a unique group setting for children to develop social communication skills.

Engaging activities and interactions with peers promote meaningful connections and essential social skills.

 Behavioural specialists, therapists and experienced staff create personalised plans for each child, addressing their specific needs and monitoring progress through observations, assessments, and progress reports.


Our dedicated team of experienced educators and professionals work collaboratively to provide specialised therapy skills and create an inclusive and nurturing environment. The program also emphasises integration and social interaction, allowing children to interact with their neurotypical peers, fostering friendships and modeling appropriate social behaviour. This holistic approach helps children with autism or associated learning needs develop vital social skills and a sense of belonging.


 We're Excited 

 to Partner with 'hello you

Partnering with HelloYou
  • Which qualifications do our staff hold and are they checked for a working with children check?
    We have an Educational Leader to mentor Educators in developing high quality educational programs All Educators hold or are actively working towards a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, or a Diploma in Early Childhood education and Care Every person we employ has a current Working with Children Check Every new staff member is required to provide us with a criminal history check
  • How are fees paid?
    The fees are paid for the current week and a week in advance Fees are paid via direct debit We require a bond fee before commencing care We require a 2 week notice period for any cancelations Holiday and absent days are still required to be paid Please contact us for our fee structure and billing cycle
  • What do I need to bring for my child?
    Please pack the following items in your child’s bag: A fitted cot size sheet and any comforters for rest time A water bottle A bucket or legionnaire style hat A change of clothes, we do lots of fun, messy play Shoes and socks Milk bottles and formula, if required (we provide cows milk) At least 5 nappies. Please talk to staff if your child requires special wipes or creams. A jacket or jumper for the colder months Please ensure your child’s clothing has their shoulders covered for sun protection
  • Are you open on public holidays?
    Unfortunately, we close our doors during all public holidays.
  • How do I know what my child has been up to throughout the day?
    We use an online platform called Xplor, we send photos and all of their sleep, rest and toileting information via this app. Every month you will receive an update on your child’s learning journey.
  • What ages do you cater for?
    At Mini Bambini we cater for ages 4 months – 5 years throughout our 4 rooms. Baby tots – 4 months – 18 months Toddler one – 18 months – 2.5 years Toddler two – 2.5 years – 3.5 years Kindy 3.5 years – 5 years
  • What food do you provide the children?
    We provide all the meals here at Mini Bambini using menu plans based off of The Nourished Beginnings Program. All meals are both nutritional and yummy! Our centre is egg and nut free due to allergies in the service. Breakfast 7am – 8am Morning tea 9:30 am Lunch 11:30am Afternoon tea 2:30pm
  • What happens if my child falls ill while at day care?
    If your child presents with a temperature of 37.5 or higher, we will require them to be collected from care. If your child presents with symptoms of an infectious disease we will require them to be collected, and brought back to care with a medical clearance from the doctor. If your child has had COVID-19 we require a negative test result for your child to return to care. Absent days are still required to be paid, to hold your permanent bookings. If your child requires medication while at Mini Bambini, you will be required to fill in a Medication form, the medication is required to have a dispensing label from the doctor with their personal details and dosage to be given. We do not give Panadol or Nurofen for teething. If your child has presented a high temperature, we have Panadol and Nurofen on site in which we can only administer with your permission if you are on your way to collect your child. You will then need to sign a consent form when arriving to the service. Please ask to see our dealing with infectious diseases policy for further information.
  • Why should my child enrol in Mini Bambini Early Intervention Centre (Criss Cross Program)?
    A child enrolled into our Criss Cross Program will receive educational support services that are tailored to his or her unique needs and specific goals in a highly supported environment by trained personnel. Parents and teachers work closely together (with use of data tracking and progress reports) to ensure that each child's educational needs are met. Integration opportunities with typically developing peers during playtime are carefully planned and coordinated between the two centres.
  • What’s the difference between enrolment in the Criss Cross Program and the Inclusion Support Program (ISP) being offered at most Child Care centres?
    There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it come to children's learning. Children with autism or associated needs often require intensive and focused instruction, which isn't available in general education (GE) classes especially in classes of 20+ children. GE teachers and assistants providing ISP within long day care settings, often lack the necessary experience and opportunities for collegial collaboration and support to effectively work with these children. Some of the main barriers for ISP are lengthy waiting times for approval, facility limitations, inexperienced teachers, inadequate government funding and limited availability. The Mini Bambini Criss Cross program offers a suitable program, trained and experienced professionals and a guaranteed low educator/child ratio within a purpose built centre, which allows for optimum support during the daily routine. We provide data tracking progress reports to provide families with the feedback they require based on their childs learning and development in the Mini Bambini Early Intervention environment. Often, the individual attention and the smaller number of classmates characteristic of a special education program creates a very effective learning environment for children with high needs.
  • Who is eligible for Early Intervention Services at Mini Bambini?
    The Mini Bambini Early Intervention Centre specifically caters for children with Autism Assosiated Needs. Children must be between 2-5 years of age when they start in our program. A formal diagnosis is not required. Our team will assess each child to confirm eligibility.
  • Does the Mini Bambini intervention approach replace my current therapy team?
    The Criss Cross program is designed to be interdisciplinary, underlying and integrating core principles and strategies used by allied health professionals during 1:1 therapy sessions. We believe that this style and frequency of integrated therapy within a child care group environment complements individual therapy but provides opportunities for learning and development beyond those that can be provided through a 1:1 approach alone. Our educators can observe, guide and interact with children during mealtimes, toileting, rest times etc all providing opportunities for intervention and generalising appropriate behaviours. In this context your child is working on their goals and skills throughout the day and is not confined to a set time and one room only. Early years group therapy programs are a safe and supported way to develop new skills or practice skills learnt in individual therapy sessions. Groups are also a great way for parents to connect with each other in an understanding environment.
  • I have multiple children requiring care. Can I enrol my child at Mini Bambini Early Intervention Centre and another child at Mini Bambini Early Learning Centre, located next door?
    Absolutely. We understand the importance of making childcare arrangements as convenient and seamless as possible for families. We believe that having care for multiple children with differing learning needs located at the same place offers a one-stop shop for families, making pick-up and drop-off times easier and more efficient.
  • What are my funding options?
    Currently, eligible families can apply their Child Care Subsidy to the daily fee. Families with access to NDIS funding are able to utilise these funds for individual therapeutic services with hello you.
  • Do you provide individual therapy on site?
    We are proud to partner with Hello You Autism Services. HYAS offers additional therapy options to families. 1:1 Therapy is provided and facilitated during hours of care or can be arranged after 4pm – this needs to be arranged with HYAS directly. HYAS therapy rooms are on site and across the car park. All additional therapy will attract a fee payable to HYAS directly. Families with approved NDIS funding will be able to apply funding to these services.
  • What are the daily Fees?
    If you require information regarding our daily fees, we highly recommend you reach out to us directly. Please contact us through our contact form. A member of our team will be able to respond with the relevant information.
  • I am looking for more information, who can I contact?
    We will be releasing new information and regular updates over the next few months. Please subscribe to our waitlist in the meantime to ensure you receive all the latest news. You can keep an eye on our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

"We continue to contribute towards change and choice in child care."

- Dorette Neuhoff (Co-Founder)

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