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About Us

Mini Bambini is a modern, purpose-built early learning Centre in Sinagra. 

We are family-owned and operated and independently managed, our centre caters for families who value the care and education of their children. We accommodate children from six months of age, giving your child an early advantage to life.

We are dedicated to complying with National Law, Regulations and National Quality Standards thus reflecting and implementing the principles that support the Early Years Learning Framework.


Our program is a combination of play-based and reflective intentional teaching methods that focus on the key areas of children’s learning and development, including their: physical skills, language and literacy skills, personal and interpersonal skills.

We strongly believe in the value of allowing children to take educated risks within their play, which is why we have built our age-appropriate outdoor play areas that have been designed to allow children to practice and develop gross motor skills.


Our indoor classroom setup enables stimulation, movement, repeated exposure to material and a comfortable environment for learner participation. We know that children need an environment that caters to their individual needs in order to learn and grow as individuals. The learning environment is the learners ‘third teacher’. Apart from parents and educators, physical spaces hold much potential to influence a child’s learning ability.


Our service seeks to create opportunities for children and staff to develop positive attitudes towards themselves as well as others to ensure we foster awareness, acceptance, and respect towards cultural diversity.

Our learning community is centred on Christian values, based upon the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, self-control. These values are taught and upheld by all staff in a safe and supported open enrolment environment.


At Mini Bambini, Parents are Partners, we value and acknowledge parental involvement as the cornerstone in a child's education. We actively engage with families to provide the best care for each child and encourage ways that reflect their interests, skill and traditions.


We are committed to employing educators who are suitably qualified for their individual roles, motivated, passionate about children and their rights, caring and professional. We recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment to ensure a sustainable future, we nurture an on-going commitment in our children to care for and respect all living things.


In House Activities

We understand parents are busier than ever. That is why we have decided to offer additional enrichment programs by bringing the programs to the children.


Subject to demand we will be looking at in-house activities such as a music program, dancing, hand/eye coordination, soccer, foreign language and Maths program etc. Not only is your child participating in a variety of activities, but they are also doing so within a safe and familiar environment.

To support children’s ongoing development needs, we have professionals that are available to visit the Centre on request such as Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and other Early Intervention Specialists.


In addition to our enrichment program we offer various opportunities for incursions facilitated at our very own 660sqm picnic area.


This area enables us to accommodate all sorts of special visitors e.g. WA Police Force, Fire services, animal farms etc. and host celebrations and special events throughout the year.


All incursions are included in childcare fees.

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